Monday, March 17, 2014

Two Girls & Two Looks

A few months ago I had a wonderful opportunity to shoot two of my favorite girls at a studio for their Fifteen's!
My sister (on the right) and a long time friend, practically a cousin Ceci (on the left).
We planned about two weeks in advance for about 4 different looks in 2 hours. 

It seemed quite a bit of a stretch, but we did it! 
It definitely wouldn't have been possible without all the help from both of our families. I'm so thankful to have had them by my side!

Although short in time per look, I'm pretty thrilled with the results.
Here are a few of the pictures from the baking and bathtub shoots.
In my next post I'll include some of my favorites from the Fashionista inspired shoot...

Some bathtub pics...

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