Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lilly's Fabulous Fifteen

Between final exams, birthdays and the holidays swiftly approaching, these past few weeks have unquestionably been busy. Last Friday we threw a little party (not your typical 15's or 16's party) for my sister who was turning 15.
Wow, how the time has flown! I honestly remember cradling her in my arms and seeing her for the first time in the hospital.
With time so limited we, my mom and I, were able to scramble around town to put a little something together for her. With her help I designed some invitations, set up a photo booth, and made a cake.

These are some props for the photo booth we set up! I thought it would be great to have the girls design their own backdrop, so we put a large piece of black paper on a wall and had them sign their names and write words that describe my sister in metallic markers. I called it the 'mini graffiti wall.' 

After photographing all the girls, and family members too... I put together some photo strips.

After dinner, and all the photo booth fun, the girls were picked up by a limo. The limo took us to Ocean Drive, where we were supposed to get down and walk, however, the rain made that impossible. We then drove by downtown and made our way to Cocowalk in Coconut Grove, where we got some frozen yogurt. 

The cake! 
I made a rum cake with a cinnamon cream cheese buttercream filling. It was so good!
It was definitely a process, and took quite sometime, however, it was undoubtedly worth it. My goal was to design something that was simple and elegant yet, that at the same time, conveyed the theme of the party: a fun girl's teen party. 
With the remaining pieces of the cake, what I call 'scraps,' I was made several cake pops. (There is no wasting perfectly good cake here...) They looked lovely surrounding the cake and contributed to the simple table scape we had created. 

This was definitely not a piece of cake! (no pun intended)

Overall, the outcome of everything definitely surpassed my expectations! I believe it surpassed my sisters expectations too. Who would've thought that all could work out and get done in a matter of two weeks!

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