Sunday, September 22, 2013

Road Trip —Vegas

This summer, with my family, I went on a 10-day road trip. We flew into Vegas, rented a minivan and drove around the Grand Canyon. We drove approximately 4-5  hours to a new destination each day. (So much driving!) But so worth it! I was even able to fit in some scenic lookouts into our very strict itinerary—we did so much in so very little time! 
I took so many pictures too. So, I've decided to separate my pictures into two separate posts. The majority of my pictures are of the Canyon—I'm a huge nature lover!
However, I do have quite a few of Vegas!

These garden-looking pictures are inside the Bellagio Conservatory.

This summer they had an installation of a green house. Inside the green house were several species of colorful birds that perched themselves on the vintage garden tools and pots placed around. 

At the Bellagio they had these amazing chocolate fountains! The silky chocolate, both milk and dark, poured from glass bowl to glass bowl.
It's said to be the longest chocolate fountain ever!

While at Vegas we walked in and out of the hotels on the strip. It was amazing to see the interior design and how each created their very own atmosphere.
Since most of them had casinos on the floors available to the public, I was limited to the amount of pictures I could take. I took what I could though!
The pictures with the several jewels/ diamonds were taken in the gorgeously designed Cosmopolitan Hotel.

The Slots! We're not avid gamblers... 
My grandfather did play a few bucks though! 
(Whats Vegas without playing the slots at least once!)

The illuminating city night life of Vegas...

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